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The definitive Cyprus climate tree species list

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The definitive Cyprus climate tree species list Empty The definitive Cyprus climate tree species list

Post  s0crates on Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:29 am

Could we use our experience to set up a list of tried and tested species suitable for bonsai, that can live and thrive in the climate of Cyprus? Experts input would be greatly appreciated, as I'm in no means the most suitable person to make this list, but I'll give it a go. These are (to me) some safe choices to cultivate in Cyprus, that can withstand even the hottest days in Nicosia.

Ulmus Parvifolia - Chinese Elm: This is known to be the best beginner's tree and for a good reason. It will forgive beginner's mistakes, acclimate well to almost any (reasonable) location, and keep eager beginners hands busy. With small leaves, beautiful bark and a rapid growth rate, I can't help but to put this first in the list, as the personal favorite and an absolute recommendation to any newcomer to the hobby. [5/5]

Olea Oleaster - Wild Olive Tree: Native to the island, the wild olive is an ideal tree to shape as a bonsai. It shrugs the punishment from the sun in Cyprus, and with its small leaves, it really looks stunning. [5/5]

Punica Granatum - Pomegranate: Another native to the island, a tree suitable for bonsai. It's think trunk means it will take patience to form into a beautiful bonsai, but it's definitely worth your time. [3/5]

Myrtus communis - Common myrtle: A great little plant that could also be cultivated as a bonsai. Has high tolerance to heat, small leaves and interesting bark. [3/5]

Bougainvillea: A beautiful native tree. Relatively easy to maintain, but a challenge to form into a bonsai. [2/5]

These are the ones I have experience with, and comfortable to describe. Feel free to add your own species and descriptions, or comment on my list. Also, if possible, add a note on how a particular species can be made to look like a bonsai.

* Rating at the end of the description is the suitability score, in terms of the time and effort required to bring it to a good bonsai form. This does not represent the difficulty or the beauty of the species in general.


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The definitive Cyprus climate tree species list Empty Re: The definitive Cyprus climate tree species list

Post  Greg on Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:06 pm

your list is fine.
You may try as well any native or indigenous species of Cyprus. Have in mind the altitude that can survive and give them a shot


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